Did Mohan Babu convey a message to Modi?

The meeting of film actor Mohan Babu and his family members with Prime Minister Narendra Modi triggered a debate. Though Mohan Babau said that there was no politics in it but an interesting debate is going on as to what Mohan Babu might have whispered into Modi’s ears. After meeting Modi, Mohan Babu said that he has no plans to change the party. He also recalled that during the previous elections in AP, he extended his support to Jagan.

However, it is being said that Mohan Babu met Modi to convey film industry’s opinion to him. It is already known that Jagan government has decided to establish administrative capital in Visakhapatnam. There is a talk that Mohan Babu met Modi on the suggestion of megastar Chiranjeevi. It is believed that Chiranjeevi asked Mohan Babu to convey to the PM that AP Telugu film industry is in favour of shifting the capital to Visakhapatnam.

Mohan Babu and Chiranjeevi are good friends. Chiranjeevi has already publicly supported the proposal of three capitals. It is said that he sent the information to Modi through Mohan Babu so that the central government raise no objection to the proposal. It is learnt that Mohan Babu explained to Modi that if Visakhapatnam becomes the capital it can help the AP government overcome the financial crisis.

It is said that Mohan Babu was sent as an ambassador of Tollywood to Modi to see to it that if Jagan government decides to make Visakhapatnam the capital, the central government does not create any hurdles for it. When Mohan Babu met the PM, he was accompanied by Raghavendra Rao. This indicates that it was conveyed to Modi that the entire Tollywood is in favour of shifting the capital to Visakhapatnam. Overall, Mohan Babu’s meeting in the current situation assumed political significance.

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