Doubts on bus yarta’s success

Chandrababu has understood the entire scene. He has realized that no matter how much he strongly he raises his voice over Amaravati this is not going to help him. Chandrababu has suddenly deserted the farmers who had come on to the streets on his direction and had been staging protests for more than 50 days. Now Chandrababu is taking his own political path. Another reason for his going back on the issue is the realization that while trying to hold on to Amaravati, he is losing the grip on the remaining regions.

It has been nine months since YSRCP came to power in the state. During this period Chandrababu was amidst people on many occasion. However, he could not successfully make use of any issue. People are also not paying much attention to Chandrababu’s visits. Now changing the gear again, Babu is talking of bus yatra. This is pure politics. Chandrababu is undertaking this yatra to take the party ashore in the local body elections. He plans to highlight YSRCP’s failures during the yatra.

After the defeat in the previous elections, Babu was so far silent. As he is readying to go among people, leaders in his own party say this would have a different impact. During the elections, before the declaration of the results and after the announcement of the results, Chandrababu never backed off. Every day he is under media’s focus. He comes down heavily on the ruling party. He creates an obstruction in everything. Recently he conducted sand satyagrah and organized programmes like chalo Atmakur. As a result people have also realized that Chandrababu will not do or say anything new in the bus yatra. It is an undeniable fact that the party leaders will have to hit the road and bear with his boring speeches.

It is being said that Chandrababu’s tour will somewhat help YSRCP. What is the people’s opinion about YSRCP government may be known through the bus yatra of the leader of opposition. If there is anti-incumbency sentiments among people, Chandrababu will know this by the public response to his yatra. Otherwise Chandrababu’s bus yatra will continue as a drab affair and attract public resentment. Overall Chandrababu’s bus yatra will serve as a checkpoint for YSRCP.

There is no doubt that local body elections will be a matter of life and death for Chandrababu. On one hand Jagan’s aggressiveness, losing grip over the party and the political uncertainty if all is taken into account it is only a victory which will act as tonic for the party. If the victory comes in local body elections, it will be big boost to Chandrababu. By showing that people are unhappy with YSRCP, he can strengthen himself in the remaining four years. At the same time this will help him to rein in the party leaders.

Jagan government’s welfare schemes are already among people. He set aside the development to implement his own poll promises. That’s why he seems to be enjoying people’s support. Another argument that it is not even one year and hence there are no chances of strong anti-government sentiments taking root. Moreover, the party in power will have more chances of winning the local elections. People will also show their inclination towards the government. Taking all this into account the leaders in TDP doubt whether Chandrababu’s bus yatra will yield any result.

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