Election Commissioner has super powers

Now the ball is in the election commission’s court. Though Jagan asked the questions with anger, he can’t stand up to the powers of the election commissioner. Now in AP, Jagan has to look after only the general administration. Election Commission has the super power. Even for tabling vote on account budget, Jagan will have to take permission of Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar. The election code of conduct will be in force for about two months. This means the election commissioner has all the super powers.

Addressing a press conference, Ramesh Kumar dropped a bombshell on YSRCP. He softly broke the good news of postponing the elections. While stating that there will be no elections for six weeks, he added that even after this the polls may be held if the situation permits. YSRCP leaders have still not accepted this announcement. This is becoming a gift for the opposition. As per the statement made by Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar the elections have to be held in the first week of May. If the situation even then is not favourable, the polls may again be postponed. The Election Commission always has the discretionary power. This is the right given by our Constitution.

Thus after the postponement, the commission may take key decision to cancel the entire election process. If this is what is happening then Jagan and YSRCP ministers have to be doubly worried. This is because one stroke will wipe out all the seats and districts won by the party unanimously. Till few days ago opposition demanded postponement. Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar accepted this demand. Now they are demanding cancellation of the polls.

Chandrababu is demanding that the elections be cancelled and fresh polls be held under the supervision of the central forces. This means he is saying that he has no faith in AP police. Even if this demand of Chandrababu is not accepted, there are clear chances of elections being held with a new schedule. This means ruling YSRCP will be treated as one of the political parties. Overall it appears that this issue will go into the hands of BJP. All in all even if Jagan wins or Babu loses they will be in the Centre’s hands.

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