For Naidu, ‘Desam’ is important…

Telugu Desam Party supremo and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had finally trapped the Congress for alliance. It has been there on cards for several months and was visible when Kumaraswamy assumed charge as Chief Minister of Karnataka in alliance with the Congress, keeping the BJP out of power.

The initiative that Chandrababu Naidu took at this event to shake hands with Congress chief Rahul Gandhi raised scope for people to anticipate the alliance. It took a shape when the Telangana TDP forged alliance with the Congress in the run for December 7 elections to the State Assembly. Now, the meeting between Chandrababu Naidu and Rahul Gandhi had sealed the friendship – a 36 year old rivalry.

Interestingly, the two leaders and their parties have not buried their past (rivalry and hatred) but have kept it aside for their future and that of the nation. They justified the alliance between the two parties as historical necessity and need of the nation or even democratic necessity.

After all, political parties survive only for the power. Winning election is the target of any political party, with some exception to the Left parties. Hence both Chandrababu Naidu and Rahul Gandhi may be justified to keep their past rivalry aside and be good pals now. The reasons that they have given may be true in the larger context.

This government had scrapped the Planning Commission. This government had used and still using the CBI, ED and IT against the rivals, a practice the Congress did in the past. This government had also tried to have its influence in the Supreme Court, which the Congress too did earlier. This government, for the first time, had asked the RBI governor to go home. It had asked the CBI director to go home.

These issues raised by both Rahul and Naidu are acceptable for any citizen who has some concern for the nation and who had suffered due to the decisions of this government, particularly the demonetisation.

But, the big question is will these people accept the friendship between the Congress and Telugu Desam! One has to wait for the voters to turn up at the polling booths and seal their fate. Till then the debates will go on and the leaders continue to justify their decisions.

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