Ganta, Avanthi lock horns in north Andhra

The two leaders in the north coastal Andhra are in a fighting mode these days. Once close friends, the two leaders have become staunch rivals. The fight between the two is keeping the three north coastal Andhra region on fire every day.

Former minister and Telugu Desam Party MLA, Ganta Srinivasa Rao and Minister for Tourism, Avanthi Srinivas were once close friends in the region. The two were the close associates in the TDP during the last five years. While Avanthi had been the MP from Anakapalli, Ganta was a minister in the TDP cabinet. The friendship continued till Avanthi defected to the YSR Congress, ahead of the elections. The two contested on their respective parties and Avanthi became a Minister in the new government.

Once in two different parties, the two leaders are fighting tough battles against each other on the north Andhra development and other issues. Though Ganta too is lobbying for entry into the ruling YSR Congress, it is said that he is not ready to give up his rivalry against the Minister. On his part, the Minister too is lobbying against the entry of the former minister into the party. The Minister had reportedly told chief minister Y S Jaganmohan Reddy not to allow Ganta into the party as he is a known defector and had no respect among the people, particularly in Uttarandhra.

The Minister on the other day, made strong criticism on Ganta and said that the former minister was a political businessman. He said that Ganta had defected several parties just for power and never worked for the welfare of the people. Ganta said that he would not consider Avanthi Srinivas as Minister and ridiculed his politics. The Minister reacted sharply to these comments and said Ganta wold not step out of his house if he failed to stop talking negative about him. He dared the MLA to quit Assembly and seek re-election if his claims of having peoples’ support are true.

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