Ganta keeps three options open

Minister for Human Resources Development, Ganta Srinivasa Rao, is keeping his options open as elections are fast approaching. As he moves around with the three options, his cadre and supporters are in utter confusion, some worried about their prospects.

Srinivasa Rao is known for switching loyalties in every election. He won on the Telugu Desam Party ticket and in 2009, he moved to the Praja Rajyam Party. After the Praja Rajyam Party merged with the Congress, he joined the Congress cabinet and continued as Congress Minister till the 2014 elections. He then switched his loyalties to the TDP once again and now is a Minister in the TDP cabinet for the past four years.

The Minister is also not happy with the TDP and two months ago he skipped the Cabinet meeting in protest. Deputy Chief Minister Nimmakayala Chinarajappa had to visit Ganta’s house in Visakhapatnam and pacify him to become active and attend the Chief Minister’s visit to Visakhapatnam at that time. However, he is still not comfortable with the TDP, the sources say.

Ahead of the next round of elections, the sources say that he is looking at Jana Sena Party as the potential option. He has good contacts with the Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan. It is said that it was only because of Pawan Kalyan’s recommendation; Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had admitted Srinivasa Rao into the cabinet immediately after the election and continues to be the Cabinet Minister.

Sensing the anti-incumbency factor set to prove negative to the TDP in the next elections, Srinivasa Rao is now said to be looking at the Jana Sena Party, as his first option.

The sources also say that the Minister is also looking at switching to the YSR Congress, which, according to his supporters, is placed better this time and is likely to come to power in the next elections. He is said to be sending feelers to the YSR Congress and had reportedly contacted Jaganmohan Reddy, when the YSR Congress chief was in Kakinada.

It is said that the Minister is also having a third option of moving to a safer seat in North Andhra to get re-lected on TDP ticket.

As the Minister had not made up his mind yet, his supporters in the north coastal districts are finding it tough to make their moves.

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