Ganta’s birthday a show of strength

Former minister and Visakha North TDP MLA Ganta Srinivas Rao’s birthday celebrations were held on a grand scale. Like every year, his followers displayed flexi at key places in the city, wishing him. In MVP Colony where Ganta lives and in surrounding areas and elsewhere in North constituency, his supporters celebrated birthday as a festival. Ganta, who is in politics for two decades, celebrates his birthday every year on a massive scale. Most of the time he was in power. So far he served as MLA for four terms, minister for seven years and MP for five years. More importantly, he enjoys the status of a strong Kapu leader in AP.

The writings on flexi erected on his birthdays in the past used to be different. The followers through these flexi used to wish that Ganta occupy even higher positions. Ganta was then minister. His political rivals used to taunt that Ganta is aspiring to be chief minister or deputy chief minister. For five years Chandrababu trusted him and did not remove him as minister and even did not take away key portfolios from him. When it came to Visakhapatnam related matters, Babu never said no to Ganta. Last year when pro-TDP media published certain stories against him, Ganta Srinivas Rao felt hurt. Babu personally intervened and pacified him. Though TDP was totally behind Ganta, anticipating the party’s defeat he made attempts to join another party but his efforts did not yield the desired results.

Meanwhile, Ganta Srinivas Rao never revealed publicly his future political course of action. He did not say anywhere that he is going to join another party. He always told media persons that when I change the party, I will first inform you. Still there was no end to rumours but Ganta adopted wait and watch approach. He is said to be in a dilemma on whether to switch loyalties after waiting for the results of local body elections or if there is a good offer change the party before polls. On this birthday too, the greetings and wishes for Ganta were in no way inferior to his status. It is being said that Ganta group used the occasion to show its strength. Whatever it may be, whether Ganta Srinivas Rao is in power or not, these celebrations are a proof that he is a key leader in AP politics.

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