Generations to remember

Only few get an opportunity to make history because time is infinite but human life is limited. To get lasting recognition in any field is very difficult. When some important decisions are taken and generations talk about their benefits, those behind such decisions corner the glory. On such is the decision taken by Jagan on three capitals and what is significant is that he is of young age. There were many obstacles when Jagan thought of developing Visakhapatnam as the capital. In a way he started a war. However, he did what he wanted.

What Chandrababu fears may also come true at some stage. A situation may come when Chandrababu will realize how he ignored Visakhapatnam, he will regret when there was a developed city in front of his eyes why he closed his eyes and if he had chosen readymade city Visakhapatnam he would have won 2019 elections as well. This is because TDP had stranglehold over coastal districts. That’s why at a time when north Andhra districts are a TDP stronghold, if he had developed the capital here and allotted High Court to Rayalaseema, the entire state would have been in his grip. By doing that work now, Jagan has shown that Visakhapatnam as the state capital is the correct choice.

If we have to talk about Visakhapatnam, it is the first class city. It is enough to provide some more facilities in that city. Whatever growth Visakhapatnam will achieve the entire credit will go to Jagan. He can use the same to seek votes in the elections to be held four-and-half years later. Visakhapatnam can achieve great results without new investments. Whatever may be the political strategy behind this, the decision by Jagan has put him and Visakhapatnam in the big league.

North Andhra districts are very backward. Maoist movement took birth from the backwardness here. Intellectuals say Visakhapatnam as the capital can help in ensuring development of this region. Visakhapatnam is the gateway to North Andhra. Visakhapatnam as the capital will help not only in its development but also in the growth of Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts. Jagan’s capital decision as a support to the backward region will go down as a historic decision. It is being said that a chapter in the history will be reserved for Jagan.

AP may have to wait for few more months to move the capital to Visakhapatnam since council chairmen referred the three capital bill to house select committee.

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