Govt exposes Sujana’s lands in capital region

Calling the bluff of former Union Minister YS (Sujana) Chowdhary, the State Government has revealed that he is in possession of large extent of land abutting the capital area region in a safe distance from the land pooling zone. Justifying the charge that there was insider trading in the capital area region land pooling, new facts have come to light with the family members of Chowdhary buying large extent of lands running to an extent of 623.12 acres around the capital area region skirting the land pooling zone.

The records reveal that in Krishna district’s Chandarlapadu Mandal, Gudimetla village 110.6 acres of land was purchased by Chowdary at Rs. 5 lakhs per acre before the announcement of Amaravati as the capital city of AP.  The land was bought by one Jatin Kumar, who heads one of the 120 shell companies of Chowdhary.

During TDP’s government, Chandrababu has leaked the information to his close aides about the proposed capital Amaravati. Many TDP leaders, including Chowdary, purchased at low cost from the Amaravati farmers. Only after this trade, Chandrababu Nadu announced in the Assembly on September 4, 2014, that Amaravati is the new capital.

An agreement was also written for the same. Survey numbers 432-1, 403-5, 433, 434, 402-1A, 429, 428, 412, 410-2, 427-2, 413, 415, 416, 431, 437, 399-7, 404-11, 407-4 that are in name Shiva Satya Pigments Private Limited is one among the 120 companies established by Chowdary in Gudimetla. The cost of the same land hiked to Rs 50 lakhs per acre. By this, it is clear that Chowdary has made Rs 50 crores profit in the name of Amaravati. All the lands purchased have been registered in the name of an organization that belongs to Chowdary.

Not only Chowdary who was benefited in this scam. His nephew Yelamanchali Jathin Kumar made huge profits by establishing Shiva Jyothi Flycon Blocks Private Limited in 11.56 acres with survey numbers 404-1. 404-5, 404-6. The sceptical aspect is he purchased 11.56 acres before the announcement of Amaravati in 2014.

Chowdary has adopted Veerulapady Mandal, Ponnavaram village. Taking this as an advantage, he purchased 13.39 acres with survey numbers 38-1 and 40 in the name of his father Y Janardahana Rao. Another 3.5 acres with survey number 41, 4.03 acres with survey number 78, and 6.14 acres with survey numbers 38-2 have been purchased by Chowdary in the name of his brothers Y Shiva Ramakrishna, Y Shivalinga Prasad, and wife Y Susheela Kumari respectively.

Apart from this, Chowdary has purchased lands in the name of SJK Biotech Pharma Private Limited at Nandigama Mandal’s Chandapuram village. To rescue himself from the scam, Chowdary purchased properties near Amaravati in the name of his relatives. The land was taken at Gudimetla village, Kanchikarla mandal’s Moguluru and Bathinapadu villages, Thadikonda mandal’s Raavela village, Yadlapadu mandal’s Yadlapadu village, Mangalagiri mandal’s Navuluru village, Nnandigama manadal’s Adavi Paavulapadu village, Penuganchiprolu mandal’s Konakanchi village, Veerulapadu mandal’s Gokarajupalli village.

The war of words notwithstanding, the statement of Chowdhary that he did not buy any land in the perimeter of capital region was proved to be wrong.

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