Guntur turned a battle field

Nara Lokesh

The entire Guntur district was turned into a battle field on Wednesday and the tension was felt all through the day with opposition Telugu Desam Party insisting on continuing its Chalo Athmakuru programme and the police denying permission. Several of the TDP leaders were kept under house arrest, including party chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu, general secretary Nara Lokesh. Heavy police force was deployed at the TDP leaders’ houses in the district and the roads leading to Athmakuru village of Palnadu region.

However, the police took over the rehabilitation camp opened by the TDP in Guntur where some residents of the Athmakuru village were sheltered and took them back to the village. Though the ruling YSR Congress legislators also planned a Chalo Athmakuru programme with the victims of the previous TDP government, the police did not allow them too citing prohibitory orders. The YSR Congress leaders withdrew the call once the police kept Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh under house arrest at Undavalli.

The TDP leaders, who have been wielding power for the past five years and had their word prevailed in the government and had enjoyed dictating orders to the police have tasted the police wrath on the day with the police being tough in handling them. Senior leaders too were handled by the police at Undavalli when they tried to break the prohibitory orders. The gates of Chandrababu Naidu’s house on the banks of river Krishna were tied with a huge rope preventing them from untying it leading to tension.

Meanwhile, former minister and former chairperson of women commission, Nannapaneni Rajakuamri was caught on the wrong side when she slipped an abusive word against a Dalit woman police officer. When the women officers were handling the women leaders of the party during the protest, Rajakumari was accused of abusing a woman police officer by caste. This went viral in the social media exposing the casteist politics of the TDP, subsequently silencing the TDP leaders.

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