Harish-KTR war on cards

Ahead of the elections in Telangana or even a little later after the polls, a tough war is on the cards. If one goes by the inside politics of the ruling Telangana Rastra Samithi, particularly with the family of Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao, the war is taking its shape without being seen outside. The leaders claim that there is no war, but it can be smelt now as the family heads for another round of elections to be in power for another five years.

The indications that Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao is preparing ground for his son KTR to succeed him after the elections, is the potential reason for this war within the family. There are differences between KTR and Harish Rao in the Telangana movement and the Telangana ruling politics as well. KTR and Harish were the two pillars leading the movement in the second layer. In the government after the statehood, the two leaders have emerged as two power centres only next to KCR.

Not coming face to face, both Harish and KTR have been playing their roles in parallel without coming for head on collision. But, this round of election is seen as the battle line for the two leaders to come face to face and fight, ending the long silent and secret battle between them. This became certain with the TRS ranks having indications of KCR promoting his son KTR as the next chief minister and Harish would have to work with KTR.

If this happens, Harish may not be in a comfortable place to work under KTR as he did so with KCR. “KCR is my leader and I am ready to work with anyone that he (KCR) wants me,” was what Harish had been telling the media these days when he is encountered with the questions about the leadership of KTR in the future. But, Harish Rao’s supporters give enough indications that Harish is not prepared to be as loyal to KTR as he was to KCR. This would mean a possible revolt in the TRS. In such an event, KTR would have his sister Kavitha on his side, while Harish would have to bank on the others to back him against KTR.

All this, at this point of time, is hypothetical. But, there is enough smoke for the fire to become visible sooner or later

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