Has Babu started his game?

Chandrababu appears to have begun the game. He has decided to put a check on BJP’s aggressiveness. That’s why these days the trio are staying away from the party. They were also absent at the meeting held in Vijayawada. Is Chandrababu the reason for these three leaders staying away from BJP programmes? Yes, says a section in BJP. There is a debate going on as to why these three together are keeping away from the Lotus.

It is known to all that TDP Rajya Sabha members Sujana Chowdary, CM Ramesh and TG Venkatesh had joined the BJP. They even merged TDP in Rajya Sabha with the BJP. There were reports that they joined BJP with Chandrababu’s consent. Leaders like Thota Trimurthulu made the same comments after coming out of the party. As TDP did not come to power in the state and the party distanced itself from BJP on the eve of the elections, Chandrababu is said to have sent his close confidantes to the BJP. They quit the TDP when Chandrababu was on a foreign tour.

For the last few days Chandrababu is unable to digest some of the happenings in BJP. There is no respite from IT department raids. Chandrababu feels that on the one hand Jagan is creating financial problems for TDP leaders in the state while on the other the Centre is also adopting a similar policy. Not just this. Though he tried to once again join hands with the BJP, the other side responded in negative. Adding to this, Jagan seems to be coming closer to BJP.

That’s why Chandrababu is learnt to have decided to rein in three MPs who went from his party to put a check on BJP’s speed. Due to the IT raids, BJP not cooperating with him on Amaravati capital issue and Council abrogation and not even giving appointments, Chandrababu is said to have decided to teach a lesson through these three leaders. He believes that if three members in Rajya Sabha are unhappy, the government will climb down. While officially it is being said that they are not coming to party meetings due to their anger for GVL Narasimha Rao but the real reason behind their absence is said to be Chandrababu.

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