Has Chandrababu conceded defeat even before polls?

Remember there was only one chance to Jagan. Don’t get cheated again. This is Chandrababu’s campaign in the local body elections. With one chance they destroyed the state. If 80 per cent seats are given in the local bodies, can you recognize them. That’s why I am emotionally begging you. This is Chandrababu’s fight in local body polls. After seeing this one will be really wondering if Chandrababu is fighting or is he in despair. He is innocently asking the YSRCP leaders as to what will they do by winning all the seats. Will you win by threatening. Don’t we have this intelligence? Couldn’t we have done this while in power. This is how Chandrababu is slamming YSRCP with anger.

YSRCP is creating fear. It is intimidating. Misuing the entire official machinery. This is not an election. This is farce. A comedy. I have never seen such an election in my life. Is this democracy. Do people have no option to vote. What is unanimous. This is how Chandrababu is speaking in anger. When does one say all this. When does one vent his ire at rivals in this manner. It is when he is helpless, when one realizes that no matter what he does he will not be able to stop the rivals. Is TDP in a similar situation today?

YSRCP government is resorting to electoral malpractices. That party’s leaders are resorting to violence and stopping TDP everywhere. This is Chandrababu’s complaint. The elections have not yet started but TDP is resorting to sweeping elections and Chandrababu hurling accusations. These are the comments by the leaders who have seen polling pattern in the general election. If Chandrababu saying this before the elections, his surveys are believed to be telling the truth, the bitter truth. Chandrababu’s comment that people themselves should protect democracy is like escaping.

TDP candidates should contest in every place. They should not sit home. They should not withdraw from the contest. Chandrababu is also asking his partymen to fight till the end. He also warned that those not fighting will be considered incompetent. A debate is currently on in the party that on the one hand their leader is speaking absurd while on the other he is blaming the partymen. Elections will have everything. Elections can never be smooth. Ruling party will have the advantage. Unless facing a large scale public opposition, it is the ruling party which wins the local body polls. The way Chandrababu is speaking and acting it looks as if he has already conceded the defeat. Otherwise, why would he tell people that they have given one chance to Jagan and they should not give another. Is Chandrababu already know that people will vote for Jagan once again. Going by the fear that grips the yellow party, it appears to be true.

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