Has he become sacrificial goat?

Minister Adinarayana Reddy will hold the minister’s post for another two months. He will be Jammalamadugu MLA for the same period. He will not be contesting coming Assembly elections. This has become clear. This is because the constituency from where he will be contesting the polls has been decided Adinarayana Reddy’s name has been finalized for Kadapa Lok Sabha seat. Chandrababu has picked up former MLC Ramasubba Reddy as the TDP candidate from Jammalamadugu.  Has Adinarayana Reddy become a sacrificial goat? Currently this is what being discussed in the party.

In the last elections Adinarayana Reddy was elected from Jammalamadugu on YSR Congress symbol. He was later invited by TDP. Rajya Sabha member C. M. Ramesh had played a key role in taking him in TDP. Adi put forth the precondition that he should be made minister. Chandrababu immediately accepted this condition. He continued in the minister’s post for nearly three years. Adinarayana Reddy wanted to contest the coming polls from Jammalamadugu.

As part of the agreement between Ramasubba Reddy and Adinrayana Reddy it was decided that a member of Adinarayana Reddy’s family will be made MLC and Adinarayana Reddy will contest from Kadapa Lok Sabha seat. As per the agreement, Adinarayana Reddy has to contest from Kadapa Lok Sabha seat. However, it is known to all that he is not powerful enough to win from Kadapa seat as TDP candidate. Anybody who analyses the results of Kadapa seat will reach to this conclusion.

In the elections held so far for Kadapa parliamentary seat, TDP won it only once. In 1984 B N Reddy was elected from Kadapa seat as TDP candidate. Since then TDP has never won this seat. In the subsequent nine elections held, only YSR family members were elected. YS Rajasekhara Reddy was elected four times, Y S Vivekananda Reddy twice, Y S Jaganmohan Reddy twice and Y S Avinash Reddy once. Keeping this in view, Adinarayana Reddy will not win Lok Sabha election and this will put a full-stop to his political career.

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