Has Mysoora’s mindset changed?

Which way senior leader Mysoora Reddy is looking? Is he heading towards Jana Sena? Is he ready to join Jana Sena if that party invites him? The answer seems to be yes. Mysoora Reddy was associated with Congress for a long time. He was later with Telugu Desam Party and subsequently spent some time in YSR Congress Party. After Congress, he had long association with Telugu Desam, which also honoured him with Rajya Sabha seat.

Some time back in an interview to a television channel, Mysoora Reddy had said that he will announce in six months as to which party he will join. It was being thought that he will join TDP. Since Mysoora Reddy is from the native district of YSRCP chief Jagan, TDP also thought that by inducting him, the party can be strengthened in that district. There were also reports then that TDP assured him of suitable post.

However, six months ago the situation in Andhra Pradesh was different. Now the scene has changed. Then, TDP and BJP were together. Moreover, only 10 days had passed since Jagan launched his padyatra. In this context, it was believed that Mysoora will join TDP which was strong in Andhra Pradesh. However, now TDP’s position in AP is not that good. Anti-government sentiment has gained ground while YSRCP has also strengthened itself.

In this background, some comments made by Mysoora Reddy have surprised the observers. He said the face of politics in AP will change. He remarked that with Jana Sena’s arrival, AP politics is undergoing transformation. Mysoora also said that Kapu community, which is 23 percent of AP’s population, will come to power. Going by Mysoora’s remarks, it appears that he is keen to join Jana Sena. It is learnt that Mysoora may announce his decision in 10-15 days. Observers say that with Mysoora’s entry, Jana Sena will gain strength in Rayalaseema.

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