He believes his worries are people’s worries

What has the TDP done as the main opposition party in Andhra Pradesh during last six months? Has Chandrababu earned good name as the leader of opposition in these six months? Intellectuals are discussing these questions. Has he spent these six months in showing his sorrow as the sorrow of people of the state? The answer for this is yes.

Has Chandrababu achieved anything in these six months? The answer seems to be no. He called for many programmes and protested against the government in various forms. However, it appears that in conducting all these protests, his vested interest was more than the people’s interests. He turned the demolition of Praja Vedika in his favour. He, however, could not answer the questions raised on this issue by the government. It is significant to note that Chandrababu had no answer to the question as to how he built Praja Vedika in violation of Central Act, prohibiting constructions on the banks of a river.

When Jagan government said that even the rented house Chandrababu is living in was built illegally and that action will be taken against this, Chandrababu tried to use even this to his advantage. He went to people complaining that the government is bent up on driving him out of his house. He failed to show what is useful to people in this whole issue. When the most important issue of sand was raised, Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan organized long march in Visakhapatnam. It is a fact that this march received huge response.

The fact is that the leaders who were not ready to accept the government’s argument that floods in the rivers led to sand scarcity, used sand as a weapon. Chandrababu had given a call for protests in the districts even before Pawan Kalyan but it did not succeed. With Pawan’s long march evoking huge response, Chandrababu said to have become desperate to take credit. As part of this attempt, he ‌undertook a fast in Vijayawada. Did he get desired results from this? The answer is no.

Chandrababu raised a hue and cry from galli to Delhi with the allegation that YSRCP leaders drove out TDP workers from Atmakur of Guntur district. As part of this effort, he brought members of National Human Rights Commission. After analyzing the situation, the commission members reached to a conclusion that everything is fine and observed that minor clashes happen everywhere. As a result, Chandrababu’s efforts went in vain. As the last weapon, he raised the issue of Amaravati. He alleged that Jagan is destroying Amaravati.

Personally undertaking a visit, he saw how the constructions were taken up. In this exercise it was not clear as to what Chandrababu wants to tell people. The attacks with stone and footwear, upset Chandrababu’s strategy. Thus analysts say that Chandrababu has a lot to do to kill silent anti-establishment sentiments which were there before the elections and to earn a name as the principal opposition.

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