He cheated farmers on loan waiver

Andhra Pradesh Agriculture Minister K Kanna Babu expressed his happiness on abundant rainfall in the state. “The state has received rainfall that is required for agriculture. All the reservoirs are filled with water. We are assisting farmers with required help through Agriculture department,” said Minister Kanna Babu.

According to details provided by the minister, except Ananthapur all the districts have received enough rainfall. Kurnool, Krishna and Godavari districts have witnessed some loss due to floods.

Despite of the good days for farmers, “Chandrababu is feeling sad that farmers haven’t got justice in his regime but are justified in this government,” said Kanna Babu.

Back in 2014 elections, Chandrababu has assured to waive farm loans, SHG loans, and gold loans. “After coming into power by cheating people, has Chandrababu implemented all those promises? The farmers have 87,162 crore loans to waive. But, by adding various committees and calculations, showed that Rs. 24,500 crore have been spent. But only Rs. 15,279 crore have been given to the farmers,” said Kanna Babu.

“Who cheated whom? Who looted whom?” questioned Kanna Babu citing to Chandrababu’s corruption.

Chandrababu Naidu has issued GO 38 on the day of election notification. The GO states that loan waiver will be done in four, five instalments. However, as election notification was issued on the same day, the GO had no meaning, except to claim big in election campaign, he said. “Have you released the notification to implement? Or to evade? How did you issue a GO even after the knowledge of election notification?” Kanna Babu questioned Chandrababu.

Despite of Chandrababu government’s mistake, he is trying to promote a propaganda against the YSRCP government which is doing its best for the well-being of the state and the people.

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