He has given up hopes on Vamsi

Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu has given up his hopes on Gannavaram MLA Vallabhneni Vamsi. He has realized that persuasion and assurances have not worked and no matter how hard he tries, Vallabhneni Vamsi will not come back. That’s why he initiated efforts to make sure that the entire cadre from the constituency does not leave the party. He brought five leaders from outside to give them responsibility of the constituency. He entrusted them with the task of monitoring party’s organizational elections and preparing constituency workers for the local body polls. He gave Gannavaram charge to a committee comprising Konakalla Narayana, Muddaraboina Venkateshwarlu, Varla Ramaiah, Bacchula Arjunudu and Gadde Anuradha.

Chandrababu made all efforts to stop Vallabhneni Vamsi from leaving the party but these efforts failed to pay off. Chandrababu understood the situation when Vamsi sent him WhatsApp message that he is resigning from the party and also as a MLA. Chandrababu, who is known for making efforts till the end, left no stone unturned to make Vamsi stay in the party. He entrusted the responsibility of persuading Vamshi to Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani and former Machilipatnam MP Konakalla Narayana. Their efforts to persuade Vamshi failed to yield desired results.

Vamsi explained all his difficulties to them but he is said to have made it clear that he will not continue in TDP. With Vamsi staying away from the recent extended session of TDP, Babu realized that he will not return. Vamsi has not yet join any party but it is clear that he will join YSRCP as he is looking to reap the benefits. Chandrababu knew this and that’s why to make sure that party does not turn into an orphan in the constituency, he appointed the committee.

Chandrababu Naidu held an exclusive meeting with the party leaders from Gannavaram on Monday night. He told them that when YSRCP leaders filed false cases against Vamsi, he extended all the support. He said he sent Kesineni Nani and Konakalla Naryana to Vamsi and expressed his solidarity and the party also stood by him. Chandrababu suggested to TDP leaders that the party should not get weakened due to Vamsi leaving the party and asked them to ensure that the party put up a strong fight in village committee elections

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