He missed a chance

It would have been good if Pawan Kalyan had stayed alone. It looks that Pawan has once again done the mistake by joining hands with BJP. This is the view being expressed by netizens on Jana Sena-BJP alliance. What is significant is that this is opinion of many netizens who monitors and reacts to political developments regularly.

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan supported BJP-TDP alliance in 2014. He campaigned for these two parties in the elections. However, by 2019 he fell out with both the parties. He contested 2019 elections by joining hands with Communists. Still Jana Sena could not prove itself.

Now he has once again allied with BJP before the local body elections. However, in politics one needs strategy. Even if it is alliance politics, people welcome it only if the party moves strategically. Now netizens are reacting to this issue. They are citing YSRCP leader Jagan as an example. Without allying with anybody, Jagan contested 2012 by-elections and won 15 Assembly seats within few days after floating the party. In that election Jagan trounced then powerful Congress and TDP to achieve the victory.

It is being said that it would have been better for Pawan to see the results of 2014 elections when YSRCP won 67 seats and also results of 2019 when YSRCP stormed to power by winning 151 seats. They say that if a party gains public sympathy it will come to power irrespective of the alliance. Despite the defeat Jagan remained among people for five years, undertook longest padyatra and became successful by creating a confidence among people that he is a leader on par with Chandrababu. In 2014 Chandrababu played sympathy card with the slogan of experience and he succeeded. In 2019 people were impressed to see Jagan’s struggle and voted for him. It is being said that it would have been better if Pawan Kalyan too had remained on his own and tried to dominate both the ruling party and the opposition.

Majority of the netizens are unhappy with Pawan for joining hands with BJP which had given a stale laddu to the state and more importantly BJP is responsible for the state facing all sorts of financial problems. In AP half of the voters get irritated with the BJP. That’s why nobody is able to digest Pawan Kalyan’s alliance with such a party. Instead of this, if Pawan had remained on his own and did his work, he would have emerged as an alternative leader to Jagan. But Pawan did what he thought was correct.

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