How will Centre react?

All are saying that YSRCP has become a good friend of NDA at the Centre. Few days ago Jagan visited Delhi and with all courtesy called on Modi and Amit Shah. There were also widespread speculations that YSRCP will join the union cabinet. In the meantime it is being heard that AP Assembly will pass a resolution against CAA. If this happens it means Jagan is directly taking on Modi. This is because opposing CAA which is very close to Modi and Shah means confronting them directly.

It is being said that Jagan is readying to once again prove himself as the protector of Muslim minority. CAA is facing the opposition across the country today. Especially Muslims are fiercely against it. Majlis leaders came to Vijayawada and held a public meeting against CAA. Majlis president Asaduddin Owaisi also wrote a letter to Jagan over the issue. He made a strong demand that anti-CAA resolution be passed in the Assembly. Deputy CM Amjad Basha has also said that anti-CAA resolution will be passed. Jagan is also said to be thinking on the same lines. Jagan wants to show his sincerity through the resolution.

Neighbouring Telangana will be pass a resolution against the CAA in the coming budget session of the Assembly. It is only natural that another Telugu state Andhra Pradesh will be under pressure to follow suit. Meanwhile, TDP MP Kesineni Nani has also demanded Jagan to pass anti-CAA resolution in the Assembly. The Left parties and Congress also want the same. Thus CAA is facing opposition both within and outside. Keeping this in view Jagan is said to be planning to pass the resolution in Budget session and send it to the Centre.

There are reports that YSRCP is coming closer to BJP at the Centre. Jagan is showing some solidarity with the Centre for the sake of AP’s interests. Nobody believes that he will surrender his political interests for this friendship. Jagan, who is known for responding swiftly on the demands of minorities, also understands their anger. Moreover, he also considers their support as a strong fort of his politics. In this context it is being said that if he passes the anti-CAA resolution in the Assembly and send it to the Centre this will put an end to all speculations and will give a clear response. All this is fine but there is also a debate going on in YSRCP as to how Centre would react to passing of anti-CAA resolution in the Assembly. Let us wait and see.

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