Is Babu planning mass resignations

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Jagan has given a call for chalo Visakhapatnam. Behind the scene arrangements are going for this. Jagan has not opened his mouth but the arrangements are in full swing. Jagan is firm on the issue of three capitals. He is not ready to backtrack. He has in fact speeded up the efforts. Chandrababu’s challenges are said to have made Jagan more adamant. In addition to this the protests by Amaravati farmers and their bitter attacks have taken the matter too far. The moment Jagan spoke about three capitals in the Assembly, farmers came out on streets. What has angered the chief minister is the fact that TDP and Jana Sena are behind these farmers.

If farmers have any problem, they should have told the government but coming out on roads, going on rampage, attacking MLAs and Chandrababu’s attempts to make it a major national issue all have infuriated Jagan government. If farmers had not protested and the row has not come this far, there could have been chances of the government reconsidering its decision but now Jagan appears to have decided not to stand down. As a result of both farmers and Chandraabu said to have realized as to what will happen in the days to come.

Chandrababu is said to be planning mass resignations of all MLAs the moment Jagan gets a resolution passed by the cabinet for three capitals. The reason for such a move is said to be the fact that if Jagan moves this resolution in Assembly and get it passed with the huge majority his party enjoys, they may oppose it but their presence in Assembly will not of any help. There is also a talk that if the issue comes for discussion in the Assembly, Chandrababu may have to stand before the people as guilty by not answering YSRCP’s questions with regard to insider trading in Amaravati, failure to issue gazette notification, temporary buildings, requirement of funds of over Rs.1 lakh and real estate business. Not just this Babu also does not like to be present in the house and enter the records when a decision is announced to break his dream capital.

TDP won only 23 seats in AP and out of them two have distanced themselves from the party. Some others are fence sitters while it is not known as to when the remaining will resign. If Babu feels that their mass resignations will create a constitutional crisis, he is wrong. However, this will become a major issue at the national level. Babu believes that the Centre will focus on the issue, politically he will benefit in AP and he will get an opportunity to educate people of all 13 districts on the need for Amaravati. Babu hopes that in the by-elections to be caused by the mass resignation, if he wins all seats or more than half of the seats, it will be a moral victory for TDP. Babu is also said to be of the opinion that if in the current situation they go for resignations, TDP will win all seats. Overall, it is said that Chandrababu will use mass resignations as the final weapon against Jagan. If this happens the AP politics will suddenly get heated up.

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