Is Centre distancing itself from Jagan?

Nobody knows when friendship begins in politics and when it comes to an end. As long as Chandrababu was the chief minister, AP BJP targeted him but after Jagan became the CM the party took u-turn. The party has trained its guns on Jagan. It has been six months and while it is not known as to how much political mileage the BJP has got but the party continues to make tall claims. Modi government at the Centre had assured Jagan government of its support but in practice it has done nothing. After visiting Delhi few times, Jagan realized the situation and hence cut down the number of visits. AP needs huge funds for navaratnalu but the Centre will not extend the support. There is no helping hand for capital Amaravti, there is no flow of funds for Polavaram, promises made for bifurcation remained on paper. This is the situation.

In the meantime it was heard that an ordinary MP received Amit Shah’s appointment. At the same time, it took two days for a state chief minister Jagan to get Amit Shah’s appointment. Those who know politics understood the message given through this. It was said that Centre will mete out special treatment to Jagan government. On the other hand, CBI took a strong stand against the court granting exemption to Jagan from personal appearance. CBI lawyers telling the court that as the chief minister Jagan will threaten the witnesses revealed the Centre’s mind.

As a result of this the court dismissed Jagan’s contentions. While all this was happening on one side, there were also reports that YSRCP Vijaysai Reddy took exception to Congress leader Gulam Nabi Azad’s demand at an all party meeting that Chidamaram be allowed to attend the Parliament session on bail. Vijay Sai Reddy brought to the notice of Home Minister Amit Shah that all should be treated equally and recalled that when Jagan was in jail and they had requested that his rights as an MP be protected, then UPA government had ignored it.

This is a reasonable argument. However, according to TDP, Shah told Vijay Sai Reddy to look after their own matters and not to drag BJP into it.

Amit Shah showing his anger at Vijaysai Reddy is said to have led to celebrations in TDP camp. They are elated that the leaders at the Centre have developed anti-Jagan feelings. Anything may happen in politics. This is because earlier UPA also adopted discriminatory approach towards Jagan. Now the central leaders are also focusing on AP. Jagan is looking strong here. As his rivals believe that unless he is removed, they can’t regain the lost ground in AP politics and considering this the wish of leaders like Devineni may also come true. Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan’s prediction may also come true. Analysts say AP has become a political launchpad for BJP at the Centre. It is being said that whoever is in power here, the Centre will continue to use release of funds as a weapon to further its political goal. If people trust the BJP then the lotus may bloom in the state in another 10 years.

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