Is it AP data or TDP data?

The two Telugu States are experiencing heat over the data leak these days. Cases are filed on the data company with its chief still at large. The Cyberabad police commissioner had made an appeal to the data firm chief Ashok to appear before the police for questioning and said that they would not leave him. If Ashok fails to appear before them, the police would issue a look out notice, the police chief said.

The ruling Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh alleges that the Telangana police have seized the party’s data to favour the opposition YSR Congress. TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu alleges that the Telangana police and the State government were trying to destroy the TDP polling booth level workers’ data, which it had gathered over 30 years. The party was operating through the data to reach out to the cadre in every election.

But, the Opposition YSR Congress and the Telangana police say that the data is related to the residents of the people. The data contains the Aadhaar numbers, bank accounts, age and political affiliations of the family members are also included in the data. This is about the government’s welfare schemes and the beneficiaries. If this is to be believed, one wonders why the data about the government’s welfare programmes beneficiaries details are with a private company. If what the police say is to be believed, the data with the private company turns out to be a big crime connected to the violation of the Unique Identification Authority of India and the Election Commission of India.

The police indicate that the data, which also has the political affiliation of the people along with their voter ID cards, is to remove the votes of the Opposition parties. The police suspect that the IT company is working to help the ruling TDP by removing the votes of the rivals. Interestingly, the election officials in Andhra Pradesh have already booked 50 cases against the data operators in the State for removing names from the voter list.

All these indicate gross violation of the rules of the Unique Identification Authority of India and the Election Commission of India, which may have to swung into action in no time. If that happens, the politics in Andhra Pradesh would take new turn ahead of the general elections. It is to be seen what turn this case would take in the next couple of days.

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