Is Pawan Kalyan a political material?

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan appears more dedicated politician but his work with the people show him the other way. To be a successful politician, the leader must be found mostly in the midst of the people. Though he had set his eyes on capturing power in the State, if not in 2019, his practical work with the people failed him to be so.

He had initially planned the padayatra in the three north coastal districts. But, in less than four days, he had changed it to a vehicle tour giving up the walk. This tour too did not continue for long and he was seen taking rest in the resorts. The rest was equal to the number of days he toured every week and that gives an impression that he is not a political material yet.

He took several breaks to the tour of the three districts and this time it is more than two weeks that he left Visakhapatnam. Though he had undergone some eye surgery in Hyderabad, his frequent breaks to the tour gives an impression that he can’t take this rough schedule that a politician is required to put in.

He is treating his Uttarandhra tour programme as his film schedules, giving several breaks and appearing there when the shot is ready. It is for this reason, his East Godavari district tour is delayed further. He was initially scheduled to complete his Uttarandhra tour and start it in East Godavari by July 17. However, he is yet to complete the tour in Visakhapatnam district, putting him far behind among the political leaders.

If this is what he plans to do or how he plans to work, he would not be able to lead the party to victory in the election. The electioneering of the leader of a party is not like the one he had done in the 2014 elections, where he addressed a couple of meetings along with Narendra Modi flying in helicopters and chartered flights and carrying out rest of the campaign in the social media.

As president of the party, he is required to be in the midst of the people every day covering all the 175 Assembly constituencies. If one goes by the way he is doing his campaign in the three districts now, it is not going to be easy for him to cover the 175 constituencies once the election bells ring.

Subhash Vuyyuru
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