Is Pawan Kalyan coming closer to BJP?

Anything is possible in politics. It’s a fact that there are no permanent friends or permanent foes in politics. We are discussing this because of certain comments made by Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan at the long march held in Vizag. Pawan Kalyan has trained his guns on Jagan government over sand shortage which has left workers depending on construction industry without work and even drove some to suicide. He even set a deadline for the government to make sand available to people.

Pawan also said that if the issue is not resolved at the state level, he will bring this to the notice of Delhi elders. His remark that he will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president and Union Home Minister Amit Shah to complain them has become a hot topic of debate. Pawan’s comment has raised the question whether BJP is rolling out red carpet to Pawan? In 2014 he did not contest the elections but supported BJP. He shared dais with then prime ministerial candidate Modi. They together addressed a public meeting in Tirupati.

As a result of this effort, BJP-TDP alliance came to power in the state. Following this, Pawan Kalyan developed good relations with BJP leaders. However, subsequently he differed with BJP leaders including Modi over the issue of special status to the state. This resulted in gap between Pawan and BJP leaders. Before the recently held elections BJP was keen to join hands with Pawan Kalyan. It even suggested that Jana Sena be merged with BJP. However, Pawan Kalyan rejected the suggestion. There was a talk that if he had accepted the offer, he would have been made Rajya Sabha member.

Coming to the present, the relations between BJP and Pawan Kalyan indirectly improved after the elections. BJP, which has been trying to win Kapu community, wanted to achieve its goal by coming closer to Pawan Kalyan, who also belongs to the same social group. It also focused on Pawan Kalyan’s elder brother and former union minister Chiru. It is known to all that for the recent long march, Pawan Kalyan personally telephoned BJP leaders to invite them. Though BJP extended the support, none of its leaders attended the long march. However, it is believed that considering Pawan Kalyan’s remarks, BJP leaders are in touch with him. Or did he make the comments to scare Jagan.? Discussion is also on along these lines. Analysts say that clarity on this is expected in a couple of months.

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