Is TDP shutting shop there ?

The actions of Telugu Desam chief Chandrababu has created doubts in political circles that he has decided to completely shut TDP shop in Telangana. All thought that following the setback in the recent Telangana elections, Babu will try to rebuild the TDP. However, with elections to Andhra Pradesh Assembly approaching, Babu entirely focused on coming back to power. Not just this. He even stopped monitoring the TDP activity in Telangana. Because of the severe drubbing in recent elections, TDP is facing a situation wherein it may not get even the candidates to contest Lok Sabha elections in Telangana.

The formula adopted by TRS chief in Telangana elections is being followed by Babu in AP. The pink party could come back to power as it effectively took to people the Telangana sentiment. Do we need politics run from Amaravati? By asking this question, the pink boss successfully took the slogan of Telangana self-respect among people. With a similar slogan, Babu is going to people alleging that YSR Congress has kept Andhra self-respect with KCR. Considered a mind game master, Babu is telling people that TDP’s main rival is not YSR Congress. Terming it as KCR versus Chandrababu, he has declared a war. By stating that his rival is only KCR, he has started playing sentiment politics in Andhra Pradesh and thus he seems ready to completely windup TDP in Telangana.

However, analysts say that the sentiments which are there among Telangana people are missing among Andhra people and this will be a minus for TDP. In addition to this Babu extending friendship to the pink party when Harikrishna’s body was lying at his home, has also become big minus point for TDP. Babu had also honoured KCR at few programmes in AP and this has triggered a debate among people. People realized that after KCR decided to sail with YSR Congress, TDP intensified its attacks on the pink party. How it becomes holy when Babu joins hands and unholy when Jagan joins hands? This is the question being asked by YSR Congress leaders, especially on social media. With no answer coming from the ruling party, it has become clear that sentiment issue may not be of much help.

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