Is this the reason for abolishing council?

After YSRCP came to power Chief Minister Y S Jagan rarely came to the legislative council. There were many reasons for it. Chandrababu choose the council for his son’s political entry and moreover Jagan had a dislike for the council as he strongly believed that TDP turned it into political rehabilitation centre. During the election campaign, Jagan poked fun at Chandrababu for trying to promote his son Lokesh by making him MLC through backdoor. Jagan was also angry that even after the defeat from Mangalagiri Assembly constituency in the recent elections, Lokesh continued as MLC. Jagan did not like that those who were rejected by people criticizing him and his government. The talk in YSRCP is that Jagan was waiting for an opportunity to abolish the council.

YSRCP had anticipated what TDP would do on the key bills for three capitals as it had the majority in the council. That’s why by tabling these bills in the form of money bills, Jagan is said to have prepared such a strategy that TDP falls into its own trap. He thought this will give an opportunity to blame TDP for the abolition of the council and people will also understand it. It was also believed that Jagan will succeed in making Lokesh politically unemployed. YSRCP leaders ridiculed Lokesh during the Assembly session.

With Lokesh not holding any post, he will be more vulnerable to verbal attacks by YSRCP leaders. By depriving several senior TDP leaders of the MLC post, YSRCP plans to deal a blow to the very existence of the party in their constituencies. Analysts believe that YSRCP took all precautions to ensure that it does not get a bad name for abolishing the council to target Lokesh and others and TDP dug its own grave. YSRCP has also got an opportunity to run a campaign that there is nothing wrong in its decision on three capitals. As a result of the abolition of the council, YSRCP too is suffering losses. The party is looking to compensate this loss in another form.

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