Is Visakhapatnam a cursed city?

There are cursed places like cursed human beings. Despite having all advantages, they lack the attraction. That’s why they will always be distanced from governance. There is a debate going on that Visakhapatnam is also a cursed city. It is a fact that Visakhapatnam has natural beauty. The city has also developed in the same manner. British liked Visakhapatnam and developed it. Subsequently the city got everything without it is asking for anything. It is a mega city for name sake but did not get the status.

The talk of making Visakhapatnam the state capital is not new. Historians say such an initiative was taken in 1953. After Andhra state was formed Kurnool became the first capital. However, since it lacked the infrastructure, many in the ruling party wanted Visakhapatnam to be made the capital as it was a big city even at that time. Among them Srikakulam district Tekkali MLA R. Lakshmi Narasimha tabled an official resolution in the House. It was passed with a majority of two votes. That means majority of the members were in favour Visakhapatnam as the state capital.

On the other hand then chief minister Tangaturi Prakasam had was very hopeful of united Andhra Pradesh. He himself worked hard for Vishal Andhra. That’s why he believed that Hyderabad will become the state capital and hence he ran the capital from a tent pitched in Kurnool. As expected by him, Hyderabad became the capital of united Andhra Pradesh and thus Visakhapatnam missed the chance.

In 2000 when KCR came out of TDP and floated TRS to fight for Telangana, Visakhapatnam was the capital in every mind. He even gave the advice that capital should be built in Visakhapatnam. Even intellectuals and elders said that it would be good to develop Visakhapatnam as the state capital. In tune with this, Chandrababu held first cabinet meeting in Visakhapatnam to further raise the hopes. Finally he selected Amaravati and thus did injustice to Visakhapatnam.

Now Jagan government is saying that Visakhapatnam will be made administrative capital. In a way this is a boon for Visakhapatnam. When it was thought that everything is going as planned, the process hit a roadblock in the legislative council. The Bills were referred to a select committee. A lot can happen in politics in 3-4 months. Those who know the history are worried if Visakhapatnam can ever become the capital or not. This blow will decide once for all whether Visakhapatnam is destined to be a capital or not.

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