It is time for Rahul to quit….

Rahul Gandhi had failed to build the party or rather bring the party to power. Though he took up the two core issues for the election campaign this time, he had failed to project them properly and win the confidence of the people. One of the two core issues was the criticism on the government on Rafale fighter aircrafts deal in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi had showed favouritism to the Reliance family. Without exposing this point, Rahul Gandhi had focused on corruption involved in the deal, which people did not take him seriously as Modi is projected as non-corrupt prime minister. Here, Rahul Gandhi wanted people to believe which they were not ready. Had he exposed the favouritism part of the deal, that would have helped him gain some confidence among the people. But, he rubbed on the wrong side and failed to identify which issue that people take seriously.

The second core issue was his own promise of minimum income to every family (NYAY). The scheme, as it appears, is a wonderful one and would be a great success like the MNREGS. In fact, this MNREGS too is the brain child of the Congress and it had given life to crores of families across the country, particularly for those who live on daily wages. If MNREGS was possible and successful, the NYAY too would be a successful one. But, Rahul Gandhi brought this in the eleventh hour and it was too late by then. As a leader, he is aware of the impending elections and should have geared up the party much ahead with the popular schemes and promises, besides criticism on the ruling NDA and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He failed here too.

Now, having resigned to his post, Rahul Gandhi must stand by it and let the party look for an alternative candidate to head the party. The better option for the Congress as its president is Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and not anyone else. Let the Congress leaders leave the party to her right now and allow her to build the party for the next general elections.


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