Jagan faces a challenge to win over Rayalseema

Jaganmohan Reddy

By announcing three capitals, CM Jagan has heated up the state politics. Ministers are saying that even if there are 30 capitals what is wrong in it. The opposition parties are slamming the ministers for this. They argue that Amaravati was chosen as the capital and good or bad, it should continue as the capital. However, the ruling party is saying that the development of Amaravati will benefit only one region and in the coming days this will fan regional differences and may even trigger movements for separate state and hence to prevent such a situation and to ensure balanced development in the state, three capitals is the appropriate step.

As part of this, the government focused its efforts on setting up judicial capital in Kurnool. It plans to set up the high court in Kurnool and a high court bench each in Amaravati and Visakhapatnam. GN Rao committee and BCG reports were also in line with this plan. The government wants to discuss this in the cabinet and take a decision by passing a resolution in the state Assembly.

However, this proposal brought some cheers to Kurnool but also led to protest.

People here are questioning how will they benefit with the setting up of high court. At the same time, some parties and voluntary organizations are saying that Kurnool will not develop because of the high court. In this context, demands are being made that Kurnool be developed as a capital or Rayalaseema be granted separate statehood or like Kashmir it should be made a union territory with a capital. Leaders from Rayalaseema are also politically targeting Jagan. They are saying that none of those who became chief ministers from Rayalaseema cared about the region’s development and Jagan is giving priority to further neglect of this region. They believe that as part of this neglect, Jagan has picked up Visakhapatnam and as a result the distance between Rayalaseema district and the capital will increase causing inconvenience to people. They even feel that it will be good to merge the region with the neighbouring states.

Analysts say that it will be difficult for Jagan to counter these arguments and adopt a strategy to win the heart of the people in Rayalaseema.

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