Jagan firm on hitting financial base of the TDP

The political battle in Andhra Pradesh is not over yet, if one goes by the sequence of events happening in the State and the initiatives of the government ever since Jaganmohan Reddy assumed charge as Chief Minister on May 30. He had won the electoral battle against his rival, Telugu Desam Party, by reducing its strength to 23 in the 175-member Assembly. This victory, though historic, is not enough for him to stay in power winning a handful of subsequent elections.

To be in power for some more years and to eliminate the enemy completely, one has to hit at the financial base of the rival. This is what is Jaganmohan Reddy doing now in the State. He had set his eyes on the financial base of the TDP, which is deep rooted in the engineering contracts. Most of the TDP leaders and its funding companies are deeply engaged in various contracts in the state, including Polavaram and Amaravati. Navayuga Group is one such strong financial base of the TDP over the years and Jaganmohan Reddy, as a political warrior is targeting them now to further weaken the enemy’s base.

In the next five years, by the time he goes for the next general election, Jaganmohan Reddy wants the TDP to be weakened both in terms of men and money. The Bharatiya Janata Party is taking away its men, one after the other. What he is expected to do is empty the TDP’s coffers and that is possibly only if he hits the contractors and drops them from the business. Be it Polavaram or Amaravati or even the Power Purchase Agreements, Jaganmohan Reddy’s target is to hit the cash rich supporters of the TDP and eliminate them from the battle ground. He wants to tie their hands so that they don’t go for the rescue of Chandrababu Naidu funding his election.

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