Jagan forms expert panel on Amaravati

Finally AP government made its next move on the new capital of the State, Amaravati, in the midst of hue and cry over the continuation of the capital. Talks began or rather raised by the opposition parties on the possible moves of this government to shift the capital. The opposition’s allegation had its reason with Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development Botsa Satyanarayana saying that Amaravati is not the right place for the capital for two reasons – the flood threat to the area and the nature of soil, which is not construction-friendly.

The floods to Krishna river and Kondaveeti Vagu rivulet inundate most part of the capital area. Though floods are a rare phenomenon, the threat is dangerous for any city. We have seen Chennai in complete inundation and saw how people suffered. Besides this, the unfriendly soil for construction is costing the government dearly as the government has to pump more money for foundation than the actual building.

These are the two reasons that have made the Minister to raise, which the Opposition took in other way to create a commotion among the people on the threat of shifting the capital. However, in the next move, the government had come up with an expert committee to look into the Amaravati issue, besides the urban development in the State. The committee would submit its report on the plans to develop the cities and towns in the state keeping in view the increasing migration to the cities.

The committee included, Prof. Dr. Mahaveer, Professor of Planning, Dean (Academic), School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, Dr. Anjali Mohan, Urban and Regional Planner, Prof. Shivananda Swamy, CEPT, Ahmadabad, Prof K.T. Ravindran, SPA(Retd), Delhi School of Architecture, Delhi, Dr. K.V. Arunachalam, Retd. Chief Urban Planner, Chennai, G.N.Rao, IAS (Retd) (1988 batch) will act as Convenor of the Expert Committee. The committee was authorised to co-opt one expert in environmental science.

Interestingly, a similar committee constituted by the Central government and headed by Sivaramakrishnan had suggested suitable place for capital giving more than two options to the government. However, the previous government had ignored the recommendations of that committee, while the present government is looking forward to such recommendations.

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