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Cancel..Cancel..Cancel. This word was most heard during seven months of YS Jagan government. Ever since he came to power, Jagan has been deciding to cancel everything. Some of these decisions received public support while others were apparently opposed. In some cases, works are delayed due to cancellation decision. Nobody will find fault with the government reviewing the schemes implemented and the decisions taken during the rule of previous Chandrababu government. However, keeping in view the future, Jagan’s style of functioning is causing concern.

He first cancelled power purchase agreements. Even the central government found fault with this. As a result people had to experience electricity cuts which were not there during Chandrababu’s rule. Subsequently, he cancelled Polavaram tenders and brought reverse tendering system. While it is true that this saved the money, there was long delay in execution of the works. Though Jagan is saying that Polavaram project will be completed by 2020, experts believe that this will not be possible.

Jagan also demolished Praja Vedika which Chandrababu had built at a cost of Rs.5 crore public money. There was some public opposition to this. He brought three capital issue. As a result Amaravati was endangered. Jagan is saying that Amaravati is not being disturbed and it will remain the legislative capital but it is clear that Amaravati will not recover. Jagan has dumped Amaravati. However, with three capitals Jagan will get some support in north Andhra and Rayalaseema regions.

In the latest move Jagan abolished the Legislative Council. Had he waited for one-and-half year, Jagan’s party would have increased its strength in the Council. Party leaders would have got the posts. However, without listening to anybody Jagan abolished the Council. Though some legal experts said that it is a wrong decision, Jagan did what he wanted. Jagan took this decision only to weaken the TDP. His own party leaders are saying that their political future is uncertain. As Jagan during his seven month rule took decisions to cancel everything, there are warnings that at least now he should avoid creating the problems.

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