AP to go for reverse tendering in Urban Housing

Jaganmohan Reddy

The State government is ready to go for reverse tendering in urban housing programme. This was hinted at by chief minister Jaganmohan Reddy, during his review on rural and urban housing programme with the officials concerned. He told the officials that the previous Telugu Desam Party government had escalated the price from Rs 1,100 a square foot to Rs 2,300 favouring the contractors. The cost was too high, the chief minister directed the officials to go for revere tendering and bring down the unit cost.

“The decision to go for reverse tendering is not to harass the contractors, but to save money for the exchequer,” Jaganmohan Reddy said. He further wanted the officials to hold consultations with the contractors to review and bring down the prices. However, bringing down the price does not mean that the government would compromise on the quality, he categorically told the officials.

The new chief minister had also directed the officials to identify the beneficiaries for the both housing and house sites programme in rural and urban areas. The beneficiaries should get house sites by next Ugadi and the distribution of house sites should mark the celebrations across the State on the Telugu new year day. He told the officials that the government would issue house site pattas only in the name of women. He wanted the officials to select the beneficiaries with the help of the village volunteers and display the list of eligible persons in the village panchayat office.

Insisting on transparency in governance, the chief minister told them that his government would not discriminate the beneficiaries on the grounds of their political affiliation. “Don’t deny benefits to the eligible people, just because they are not the ruling party voters,” the chief minister told the officials, to give a message that he welfare programmes are above politics.

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