Jagan planning to corner rivals

Forty years industry Chandrababu is unsettled by Jagan’s political strategy. With three capital proposal, Jagan has put the very political existence of TDP at stake and now is trying to push AP opposition into another trap. While taking all precautions to ensure that he does not come under criticism for taking unilateral decision on the issue of three capitals, Jagan is said to have made a plan to corner Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan, who are making a big hue and cry over the issue. Jagan is said to be getting ready to hold an all-party meeting after receiving the report of high power committee. Jagan is said to have asked officials not to call people’s organizations, student groups and other bodies in the name of all-party meeting. Jagan is stated to be of the view that irrespective of the opinion of these groups, the government should not invite a new headache by extending invitation to them. While it is not known what is their representation in AP politics and the weight they carry but when they are called to the meetings they create a fuss and as a result the main aim of the meetings gets sidelined. This is said to be the opinion of Jagan.

YSRCP strategy seems to be inviting only the leaders of political parties to the all-party meeting. Not just this, it is learnt that there will be condition that only presidents of the parties should come to the meeting. Jagan’s calculation is that if the presidents of the parties attend the meeting and oppose three capital proposal it will become a minus point for their parties. Jagan is said to have told his party leaders that if the presidents of the parties attending the meeting speak in favour of one region, they will get bad name in the other regions and thus the opposition parties can be caught red-handed at the all-party meeting.

The question is whether Chandrababu who avoids coming face to face with Jagan except in the Assembly session will attend the all-party meeting. If he attends, the all-party meeting may be converted into a small size assembly. So far Jagan and Pawan have not come face to face. Jagan is said to be of the view that Pawan should be directly invited to the all-party meeting and Jana Sena’s opinion should be clearly recorded. But there is curiosity on whether Pawan will attend the meeting and if he comes what will he speak. Let us wait and see what happens.

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