Jagan sets timeline for irrigation projects

Chief Minister Y S Jaganmohan Reddy had set time line for the officials to complete the irrigation projects in the State. He had set two major considerations before the officials to work on the on-going projects. The first consideration was the availability of finance with the government and the second on the immediate results that could be achieved from the projects.

The state coffers are empty and there is not much of financial support available on hand to proceed with all the irrigation projects in the state. The officials were asked to plan the projects keeping in mind the availability of funds with the government. The officials were also told about the government’s initiative of reverse tendering which saves some money.

The chief minister had directed them to go for reverse tendering and bring down the cost of the project. The cost estimates of the project should save some considerable amount of money. The difference between the cost in this government and that of the previous government should be clearly visible for the people, the chief minister told them.

The second consideration was that of the immediate results expected from the projects. The chief minister had told the officials to identify the immediate results expected from every project. Construction of reservoirs and widening of the canals would be given highest priority as they would give immediate results by making water available to the farmers for the next kariff season.

The chief minister reportedly expressed his displeasure with the officials for not filling the reservoirs and irrigation tanks in Rayalaseema region though there is surplus water in Krishna river. The chief minister wanted to know why the officials have let the surplus water into the sea, while the reservoirs and irrigation tanks are not filled yet.

The chief minister told them to come up with new canals or widening of the existing canals to take surplus water from Krishna river to every reservoir and tank in Rayalaseema at least for the next monsoon season. He said that every drop of water from Krishna should be diverted to the reservoirs and tanks before it is released to the sea in the downstream.

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