Jagan will have to reach out to investors

It has been six months since the change of guards in new Andhra Pradesh. Now AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy has entirely focused on governance. He is giving priority to welfare. Besides this he is undertaking work on various projects in the state. He also reduced the sale of liquor, which was the main source of revenue. Setting up village secretariats, Jagan provided four lakh jobs. However, Jagan is facing a bighead. Welfare schemes and projects need huge funds.

For AP to get funds, huge industries have to come to the state. However, it is a fact that nobody is coming forward to set up industries in the state. It is not wrong to say that Jagan did not take initiative for industrial development. That’s why opposition parties alleged that not only the investors are not coming to the state to invest in setting up new industries but even those who had invested here are going back. Opposition parties alleging that CM Jagan is stalling flow of investment into AP and looking at the way Jagan is working this appears true.

Kia car company is an example of this. It was during Chandrababu’s rule that Kia invested in AP and set up its plant and even started production. However, immediately after coming to power Jagan vent his ire at the company. As a result the investors started fleeing. Some are in the process of leaving. However, after a long time Jagan realized that if investments have to come to AP, there is need for changes in style of governance and then only industrialists will come forward to invest. That’s why he inaugurated Kia car company, which had already opened.

By visiting Kia company plant, Jagan has tried to assured the investors who invested during TDP rule that they will face no problems. That’s why there is nothing wrong in Jagan coming down for the sake of investments and to attract industrialists. For investments Jagan has to give an assurance to those who had entered into agreements with the state in the past. Not just this. He will also have to work hard to get new companies.

Unless he meets the industrialists who invested in the state, reassures them and provide them subsidies, this will not help. Thus Jagan needs to announce a special action plan to woo the investors to the state. Then only investors from abroad and within the country will come forward to invest in the state. Besides implementing the old policies, Jagan also needs to come out with some new policies to attract investments.

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