Jana Sena, BJP need each other

BJP, which has been fighting a lonely battle in Andhra Pradesh politics, has now got an ally in the form of Jana Sena. When a cine star with huge popularity and a representative of a powerful caste, Pawan Kalyan himself comes forward why will BJP refuse? The saffron party which aims to establish itself in the Telugu states was looking for a reliable friend. Pawan Kalyan had supported BJP in 2014 and he has made it clear that he is ready to once again join hands with the party. This began a new political realignment. With their leader settling the deal in Delhi, Jana Sena workers are looking elated.

It is said that there are no permanent friends and enemies in politics. This is true. Jana sena initially had alliance with BJP but later developed differences with it over the special status. It then supported TDP for four years but opposed it on the eve of elections. Finally by winning just one seat in the election, Jana Sena suffered huge setback. Similarly, BJP which reaped some benefits by joining hands with TDP and Jana Sena decided to go alone but faced humiliating defeat. In the latest political situation, both Lotus and Tea Glass realised that alliance is inevitable. Both the parties lack strength at the ground level. However, among the two BJP is the only party which had an organisational structure across AP. Pawan Kalyan’s party is only at the preliminary stage.

Despite being in power at the Centre, BJP is unable to do anything in AP. The Lotus party which was looking to prove its strength got Pawan Kalyan as the support. Similarly Pawan Kalyan needs BJP’s blessings. Analysts say that Pawan Kalyan decided to dump the cycle as he realised that alliance with TDP will be of no help in countering Jagan government. He was looking for some weapon and his Delhi visit yielded the result. BJP leadership decided to sail with Jana Sena as it realised that the alliance will be benefit both. We have to see what will be the consequences of Jana Sena-BJP friendship in AP. The two parties may together fight the ensuing local body elections and only the results will show to what extent people support this alliance.

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