Jana Sena chief sits with candidates and cadre

With just 10 days to go for the counting of the votes in the April 11 general elections in the State, Jana Sena, the new entrant into state politics, had a meeting on Sunday where the party chief Pawan Kalyan, sought to give some direction to them on the party’s future course of action.

Pawan Kalyan, who went back to his film world after the polling to plan for a couple of films, had come back to the party office at Mangalagiri and closeted with the party candidates and the agents. He had reportedly discussed the April 11 election mood and the peoples’ response to his party campaign during the election. He also reportedly discussed about the party prospects in the election and wanted them to keep moving forward whether the election result is in favour or not. He also tried to tell the party workers to gear up for the local bodies elections scheduled for next month in the State.

The Jana Sena chief, who addressed the leaders along with former speaker Nadendla Manohar, had told them that the party has to win the local body elections to have a strong base and asked everyone to be prepared for a big show in that election. The party, which lacks a structure from the grassroots would now take this election as an advantage to build the party.

Pawan Kalyan had once again sought to remind everyone that he had come to politics not to win in the first election and enjoy power. “Jana Sena had come here not for five years’ power, but 25 years vision. Let us build the party brick by brick and see that we win the hearts of the people in the long run,” Pawan Kalyan reportedly told the leaders.

But the big question now is can the party sustain if it faces humiliating defeat in the Assembly elections?

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