Jana Sena named its first MLA candidate for AP

In a surprise move, the Jana Sena Party had named its first MLA candidate for Andhra Pradesh. Though early elections are expected in the neighbouring Telangana State and the party had aligned with the CPI there, Pawan Kalyan opted to name its first candidate for AP and not for TS raises an eye-brow. And that too, a leader borrowed from the YSR Congress!

Pawan must be having thousand reasons to name his first candidate for the elections, but this first candidate raises several questions to the party leadership. This first candidate Pithani Balakrishna, had earlier with the YSR Congress and had joined the Jana Sena Party only the other day, minutes before Pawan Kalyan declared his candidature.

Balakrishna is from East Godavari district and belonged to the Setti Balija community, which is the dominant sub-caste of the Kapu community, which the Jana Sena chief represents. Interestingly, the caste is dominant in the two Godavari districts and has been looking for a political alternative. Pawan Kalyan, when he launched the Jana Sena before the 2014 elections had said that his party would not own any caste and give equal importance to every caste. He had even said that he don’t belong to the Kapu community alone. But, by giving his party’s first MLA ticket to his community indicates his clear caste line in the State politics.

Interestingly, there was no hurry for him to name an MLA candidate at this point of time. He is yet to build the party from the grassroots and gear it up for the polls. If he wanted to contest the elections, he needs to have booth level committees for the party to take care of the voters and the voting process. All that he has now is a bunch of youth who are carried away by the emotions and the filmy temper.

It is a big question if the voters rally for the party just by looking at this film fans when it comes to fighting a political battle.

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