Jana Sena neck-deep in problems

Power Star Pawan Kalyan, who reached unparalleled heights in the cine world, never thought he will see such a low in politics. “One is beaten up, stones are thrown and petals are showered too. I have come to bear all this.” This is what Pawan Kalyan had said at the time of floating Jana Sena. However, since then Pawan Kalyan is at the receiving end. His attitude makes it clear that he is hurt by those trusted by him leaving the party and provoking those who trust him. Especially he is unable to digest that former CBI JD Lakshmi Narayana has left Jana Sena.

Jana Sena is currently grappling with the internal problems. Massive defeat has paralysed everyone in the party. At a time when party chief’s assurance following the defeat was creating hopes, he joined hands with the BJP. With this move he shattered the dreams of those who were hoping to strengthen the party in constituencies. When there is no guarantee that they will get their seats or not under the alliance, some of them feel that it is a waste to struggle for the party. Pawan Kalyan’s die-hard fans through their posts in the social media are saying that their party chief’s decision is unquestionable and making statements of bravado that whether somebody stays in the party or not there will be no loss to it.

The other problem faced by Jana Sena is the Jana Sena’s lone MLA Rapaka Varaprasad who was elected from Rajolu. He is opposing Pawan Kalyan’s each and every decision. Not just this. He is also supporting every decision of Jagan government. Demands have been growing to take action against him. If action is taken against Rapaka, technically there will be no problem to his Assembly membership. If action is not taken against him, this will send wrong signals to the party cadre. As a result Pawan Kalyan party is unable to make Rajolu MLA fall in line. Jana Sena chief himself making a statement in despair as to whether Rapaka is still in the party or not. This shows that the problem Rapaka has created in the party is not a simple one. On one hand the lone MLA not coming to the rescue of the party, financial problems faced by the party, rivals finding fault with the party chief’s decision to work in films and yet to be built party organization at the grass-root level, thus the party is neck-deep into the problems. It remains to be seen how Pawan responds to these challenges.

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