Jana Sena promises development of backward regions

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, who fell sick and resumed his campaign after a day-long rest on Friday, categorically stated that only his party has the vision for the development of the backward regions in the State. He said that the successive governments have neglected the backward Rayalaseema and North Andhra regions over the years and reiterated that only Jana Sena has the vision and commitment to develop these backward regions.

Pawan Kalyan had extensively toured the North Andhra and Rayalaseema regions during the last five years. He took up the issues of mysterious kidney diseases reported in Uddanam area of north Andhra and had met the people of Rayalaseema districts, who migrated to other areas due to drought in the region. He had been representing the issues of the two regions during the last five years and had focused on winning the people of the two regions. His campaign too is now focused on these two regions, which had now become his core election issue.

The Jana Sena chief is also targeting the Opposition YSR Congress for Jaganmohan Reddy’s understanding with the Telangana Rastra Samithi in the elections. He accuses Jaganmohan Reddy of mortgaging the interests of the people of Andhra Pradesh with the Telangana leadership. He dared Jaganmohan Reddy to make the TRS speak for the special category status to Andhra Pradesh. He wanted the TRS to give an open statement in support of the AP’s demand for SCS.

Pawan Kalyan lamented that the governments were diluting the spirit of cooperative societies for the sake of individuals. “I have seen the hurdles of farmers and farm labourers after the closure of Tummapala Sugar factory. The TDP leaders were trying to sell off the lands of the factory. The sugar factory will be re-opened within 18 months after Jana Sena Party voted to power. It will take responsibility to bring back its past glory and run it in profits,” he added.

Special export units would be set up in support of agriculture sector in Anakapalle division to export jaggery and banana. Tougher measures would be taken against the quarry owners to end pollution in and around Anakapalle. Based on the people’s demand, some quarries would be closed down. He said for the sake of Heritage dairy, the government-run Visakha dairy units were on the verge of closure. The TDP leaders were trying to exploit the assets of Visakha dairy. Anakapalle needs a railway underpass, but the leaders were in the deep slumber in the parliament. Avanti Srinivas has miserably failed to get even one railway underpass though he was elected from this LS constituency. He lashed out at BJP that it has announced the new railway zone at the end of term for getting votes and that too was not perfect.

He requested the women not to believe rumours that some people were doing campaign that Dwacra loans would be abolished if Jana Sena came to power. He would provide them additional benefits to the self-help groups than that of the ruling party. It came to his notice that the Dwacra women were being insulted in the banks, he said he would establish banks especially for women. The team leaders would be recognized as government employees and given salaries on par with junior clerks. The Jana Sena government would deposit Rs 2500 to 3500 per month replacing the existing ration system. He clarified that his government would not do any injustice to ration shop dealers as they would be provided alternate employment opportunities within 3 months after it voted to power.

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