Pawan Kalyan is clueless

Political strategies are changing in the state. Leaders are expecting one thing but some other thing is happening. Especially in case of power star Pawan Kalyan it is being said that the politics is not at all working out for him. He wanted to establish himself independently but unable to devote time to the politics he landed in troubles. This created a situation where it became inevitable for Pawan to forge alliance with some party. But he has flip-flopped on the issue of alliance. Earlier he joined hands with TDP but developed differences with it on the eve of the elections last year.

However, he went alone in the elections. Later on many occasions he went on record to say that had he forged alliance he would not have faced this situation. With YSRCP leader Jagan dealing unexpectedly a huge blow to TDP, the party became impassable. Because of this Pawan realized that alliance with TDP will not help him and in fact his popularity will help TDP recover. That’s why he ignored TDP. Whether it was financial necessity or some other reason, he joined hands with the BJP. He is getting ready to contest coming local body elections along with BJP. While on one hand Pawan Kalyan is making these efforts, on the other positive exchanges between YSRCP and BJP are disturbing him. Till the other day he was targeting Jagan and his party but now the moment he is trying to open his mouth, the advises and suggestions from BJP leaders are making him retreat. Unable to criticize Jagan or differ with the BJP, he is caught in a dilemma. YSRCP’s strategic moves in this context are said to have left Pawan Kalyan clueless.

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