Journalists protest against AP’s GO on media

The journalists across the country are intensifying the protest against the AP government’s GO 2430 giving powers to the departmental secretaries to act against the media. The journalists’ associations held a meeting in the national capital on Sunday and protested against the GO. The journalists’ associations leaders called the GO a black GO and demanded that the government withdraw the GO forthwith.

The Press Club of India former secretary and senior journalist Anil Anand asked the AP government to drop the GO. He said that the government’s intentions to keep a watch on the media were not acceptable to the journalists and the attempt was a clear threat to the freedom of press. No government had ever tried to keep a check on the media, he said and the attempts during emergency were widely condemned and the government paid the price. He wanted the AP government to wake up and withdraw the GO.

Meanwhile, the government in AP is taking a relook at the GO. Chief Minister Y S Jagan mohan Reddy had reportedly asked all his media advisors to be present in Amaravati for a review on the GO. Advisors, Devulapalli Amar, K Ramachandra Murthy, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, G V D Krishna Mohan and others were to be available in Amaravati. The Chief Minister’s Office had also sent the communication to the Information and Public Relations Department to be available in Amaravati for the proposed meeting.

The state government is being targeted by the media for the ‘gag’ orders. The media which is against the ruling party is taking advantage of the situation to mould opinion against the Government. On its part, the government is not able to counter the opposition campaign. Though Amar and Ramachandra Murthy have addressed a press conference in Hyderabad and Amaravati respectively on Saturday and tried to justify the GO, the protests are still continuing against the government. It is to been what the government would do to satisfy the protesting media against the GO.

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