Kadapa Steel, TDP tries to steal the show

The ruling Telugu Desam Party is trying its best to project itself as the champion of the State issues, particularly ahead of the next general elections. The break-up with the BJP seems to have pushed the TDP into the most unsecured line with the party scared of every move of the BJP at the Centre and the Opposition YSR Congress in the State. The TDP leadership is also trying to establish a hidden understanding between the BJP and the YSR Congress. It is also making every attempt to project any political conspiracy against the TDP is a conspiracy against the State.

In this run to gain sympathy from the people, the TDP had grabbed the opportunity to raise its voice for the steel plant issue at Kadapa. Party MP C M Ramesh had launched an indefinite hunger strike on the issue, while Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had dashed off a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is a fact that the TDP remained silent for the past four years on the steel plant at Kadapa, Railway zone at Visakhapatnam and sea port at Dugarajapatnam, while changing its stand on the special category status.

Assuming that it would have greater benefits under the special package that was offered by the Centre in place of the special category status, the TDP was busy focusing more on explaining to the people about the benefits of the package and speak against the special category status and its disadvantages. Thus the journey of four years was packed with confusion for the TDP resulting in its break-up with the BJP and earning negative image from the people.

Now, in an attempt to wash out that negative image, the party is making all out efforts to paint the BJP and YSR Congress as betrayers and conspirators respectively. Though there is nothing for the YSR Congress to be blamed in the episode, the TDP wants to nail it attributing conspiracy which had led to the BJP’s denial of the special category status. The TDP, if questioned on its shift from the special category status to the special package, fails to answer but brands those who question it as conspirators too.

The fate of steel plant in Kadapa too was part of the same drama. The TDP was focusing more on getting funds from the Centre under the special package and had given up the demands of steel plant, railway zone and sea port. The end result is that the State had lost heavily and despite the fact that the TDP was responsible for it, the ruling party now wants to get the advantage by launching hunger strike or writing a hard-hitting letters to the Central government.

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