Karnataka: Whose game is it?


Neighbouring Karnataka State is experiencing heated political drama ahead of the cool monsoon season. The 13 legislators who have resigned to their posts are now camping in Mumbai. They were taken to Mumbai from Bengaluru in a chartered flight belonging to a BJP leader, Rajiv Chandrasekhar, who is BJP’s Rajya Sabha member. It is also assumed that the BJP is funding these MLAs camp in Mumbai’s star hotel.

BJP has 105 MLAs in the 224-member Assembly in the State. The Congress has 80 and the Janata Dal (Secular) has 37 MLAs taking the total to 118, five MLAs more than the required simple majority of 113 MLAs. Now, with the 13 MLAs quitting, the ruling Congress-JDS strength had come down to 105, equal to the strength of the BJP, which is waiting for this opportunity to wrest power. If the Speaker accepts the resignations of these 13 MLAs, the strength of the Assembly comes down to 211. The simple majority required to form the government would then be 106. Either the BJP or the Congress-JDS would require one MLA to stake claim in this situation. There are three MLAs who represent the BSP, Karnataka Pragnavanth Janatha Party and one independent. If any two of these three MLAs switch loyalties, then it would be easy for the BJP or the Congress-JDS to grab power.

The BJP is seen as the main conspirator as it is funding the expenses of the rebels camp in Mumbai. B S Yeddyurappa is eagerly waiting for the Congress-JDS coalition government to fall so that he can be the next chief minister.

There are staunch loyalists of Congress leader Siddharamaiah who have raised the banner of revolt and have resigned. Three of them, Basavaraj, Somasekhar and Munirathnam are the close associates of Siddharamaiah, who is not happy with the Congress leadership’s sacrificing decision of giving the chief minister post to the JDS for five years. He is in favour of sharing the office in rotation and that would not happen in the present arrangement. Hence, he is suspected to have promoted his loyalists to raise the banner of revolt.

It is to be seen how this political drama ends, giving a sigh of relief to the people who are waiting for a stable government in the State

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