KCR gives a run for rival parties

Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao had given a run for the rival parties by naming the candidates for 105 Assembly constituencies out of 119, minutes after dissolving the State Assembly. Working on early polls for the past two weeks, Chandrasekhar Rao had dissolved the Assembly at the Cabinet meeting the other day and had released the list of his party candidates for the next polls.

Though the dissolution of the Assembly was known to all, the rival parties and even the people were caught unaware when he released the list of the candidates. This had given him an edge and keeping him in comfortable place. In 2014, KCR had won 63 out of 119 and this time too, he is sure of retaining the number without much difficulty. Though 63 is just a simple majority in the House, he had later won the TDP and the Congress MLAs on his side. This time too, he is sure of his numbers and is also confident of MIM’s support if the numbers fall short. Perhaps this is the reason why he had kept some of the seats undeclared, mostly in the MIM strong holds.

After the cabinet meeting, he did not waste even a single minute to turn the heat on the people. He met the Governor and handed over the Cabinet resolution to dissolve the Assembly. Then he had moved to meet the party senior leaders and the candidates announced for the next election. He is scheduled to hold his first election meeting on Friday.

Surprised at the list of TRS candidates, the Congress and the BJP are now struggling hard to campaign against the candidates, leaving the TRS. The two parties are now targeting the individual candidates at the constituency level to expose their corruption. Congress chief Uttamkumar Reddy and senior leader Reventh Reddy have already started the onslaught of the candidates individually, while keeping KCR and TRS aside.

Targeting candidates is easier for the Congress, for that matter for the entire opposition, as there is enough time for them to be with the voters at the grassroots. The Congress had already decided to take on the candidates at their segment level which would make their task easy.

It is to be seen how these parties handle the fastest moves of KCR and his TRS ahead of the December 2018 elections.

Subhash Vuyyuru
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