KCR to revive Federal Front idea?

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KCR is the political genius, a Chanakya. He is the leader who knows when to speak up and when to maintain silence. When BJP was in good form, he was silent but the pink boss is now slowly opening his mouth. After Maharashtra and Haryana poll results, KCR became more active. What the Centre has done, asked KCR recently in Assembly. Now his son KTR has also joined him in targeting the Centre. At a meeting recently, KCR asked if development is only meant for north India. By voting against Citizenship Amendment Bill in Parliament, KCR once again demonstrated his political wisdom.

Looking at the current situation in the country, it appears that good days are ahead again for regional parties in the national politics. A regional party gave shock to BJP in Jharkhand. Shiv Sena in Maharashtra is also the same. If BJP had not joined hands with a regional party in Haryana, it would not have come to power in the state. In this context KCR is said to be once again eyeing national politics. KCR is said to be planning to hold a meeting of non-BJP parties in Hyderabad.

Modi wave is on the wane in the country. Congress is not making huge recovery. If the regional parties united, they can again come to power at the Centre with the support of Congress party. This is the advance planning for 2024. With this idea in mind, KCR is reportedly planning to join hands with the regional forces. KCR believes that since BJP is weakening the regional parties may now come out to join hands together.

Mamata Banerjee is racing ahead as a a friend of Muslim community. KCR is also to be of the view that Telangana should follow in her footsteps. He has a close ally in Majlis leader Asaduddin Owaisi. The duo can bring together all anti-BJP forces in the country. It looks that KCR is thinking of once again floating the idea of federal front. In Andhra Pradesh he has a friend in Jagan. However, he is in touch with BJP. That’s why there is a debate going on over whether he will join hands with KCR. Let us wait and see besides Jagan which are the other parties in the country whom KCR will approach.

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