KVP wants Naidu to apologise to Rahul

Congress MP K V P Ramachandra Rao wrote an open letter to Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on Friday seeking public apology of the latter for the people and the Congress president Rahul Gandhi. While welcoming Chandrababu Naidu to take forward his proposed day-long protest in Delhi on February 11 seeking special category status to the State, he wanted the TDP chief to apologise to the people for booking cases against them when they were fighting for the same cause. He also wanted apology from Chandrababu Naidu for holding protests against the visit of Congress president Rahul Gandhi to Guntur in June 2017.

“You have opposed the special category status and booked cases against everyone who raised the demand. When Congress president Rahul Gandhi visited Guntur you have protested against his visit and your party leaders have held protests with black flags. Now, with just two months to go for the elections, you are holding protests seeking the special category status. Thanks to Dr Ambedkar, you are forced to go to the people to seek votes and that is the reason why you have now changed your stand. Before holding protests anywhere, you must apologise to Rahul Gandhi and the people who have been fighting for the cause and whom you have opposed, criticised and jailed,” the Congress MP said in his letter.

“People did not change their stand (on special category status). Rahul Gandhi did not change the stand. It is you who have changed your stand several times. You have asked for the special category status during the 2014 elections. You have asked for it in 2015 while in the government. You have passed resolutions in Assembly seeking the special category status. However, in 2016 you have changed your stand on the issue and given up the SCS demand. You have suppressed the movement for SCS and criticised them for asking SCS. You have passed resolutions in Assembly thanking the Central government for giving special package. Now in 2018-19 you have changed your stand once again and asking for the SCS. At least now, apologise to the people for giving up the State’s right on SCS demand,” the Congress MP said.

But, will Naidu admit it and apologise to the people for changing his stand on the special category status in the last four years!?

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