Lakshminarayana to contest on TDP ticket ?

CBI former joint director V V Lakshminarayana had made his mind open on his political career. In Prakasam district, the other day, Lakshminarayana said he had no plans to float a political party in future.

He started his political tour in the districts, mostly focusing on the issues of the farmers and the students. He had so far covered 8 districts and is preparing to complete the balance five districts in the next couple of months. His plans to fight for the issues of the farmers are strong and wishes to align with the parties which come up with an agenda for the farmers. Agriculture should be the focus of the party for him to align and it is for this reason, Lakshminarayana wants to wait for the parties to come out with the election manifesto.

There are enough indications that Lakshminarayana will go either with the ruling Telugu Desam Party or the Bharatiya Janata Party. He is keen on contesting the next election and had plans to make it to the Cabinet. Even if becomes a minister, he wants to take the Agriculture Ministry, that would help him address the concerns of the farmers.

There are also indications that Lakshminarayana is looking at the Jana Sena party of Pawan Kalyan. But, this would be his last choice to begin his political career. His first preference is said to be the BJP. However, he has his own doubts on the prospects of the party. As his focus is to make it to the State Assembly, he is weighing the options between the BJP and the TDP. The BJP had already sent feelers to him and had even gone to the extent of naming him the party’s chief minister candidate.

While he is not ready to accept this biggest challenge of the chief minister post at this point of time, he is not clear whether the BJP could make it to the Assembly on its own. He wants the BJP to go strong either by splitting the TDP or by roping in more leaders ahead of the elections. This is where the talks were stopped and the leaders are working on.

If the BJP fails to live up to his expectations, Laskhminarayana might opt for the TDP and finally make it to the Assembly. Now that he had made it clear that he would not start a political party but align with another party, we have to wait and watch him make his next move.

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